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If they say "One is the lonliest number" then you can guess how it is for me...

3 July 1983
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Shariff Carlos
Height: 6 ft. 2 in.
Weight: 155 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Nationality: Blasian (Half Black, Half Asian)... actually, I'm also Spanish and Portugese. Hmmm...
Dating potential: Nill (No, seriously...)

I'm Invincible...


and Random...

As of Oct. 25th I live in Orange County! ;D So, I s'pose I'd like to start meeting people and such ASAP. <3

MySpace: www.myspace.com/ZeroLovesDnb

Facebook: Shariff Carlos

AIM: ZeroLovesDnB

Yahoo: ZeroLovesDnB

Msn: ZeroLovesDnB@hotmail.com

I'm a 25-year-old blasian (Half Black+Half Asian) guy. Actually, I'm Black, Asian, Spanish, and Portugese. All 1/4s, to the best of my knowledge. Ummm, I guess I could describe how I look (or something). 6 ft 2 in tall; dark brown/black(?) hair, dark brown eyes. Oh and my roomie is Panzerfauster. Not that it means much but he's wayyyyyy doper than I.

Things I do... Hmmm... First and foremost: Drum'N'Bass. S'an important part of every dae that I live through ;]. Yeah, I spell stuff funny because I can, I think it looks silly (sorry if it ever came off as annoying).Other than that: I play video games (and the occasional computer game) and watch anime. Well, I don't do it religiously but more than enough to label me as a "Gamer" and an "Otaku". I absolutely can't live without music. DnB mostly. I love to go out to partys, [clubs] and dance (would you like to dance with me?). I also find shopping to be fun (would you like to shop with me???...heh)
I'm a huge fan of gadgets and tech. I visit corresponding blogs often. Like:
www.kotaku.com (this one is about games and gaming)

I'm thinking that I'm the definition of "nice guy". I believe in chivalry and whatnot (yes I go out of my way to hold open doors and such). I believe in honesty though I tend to be too honest sometimes (is that possible?). I'm very trusting; too the point of gullibility and I'm insanely (good adjective huh?) open-minded as well as being ultra (not-so-good adjective) passive. I'm a romantic, quite a hopeless one at that. I like to take long walks, cuddle, do things for a woman "jus cuz", among other things.

Also, I'm not looking for sex, s'a total perk and s'good when s'good, but it's not what drives me. I'm not really a "booty-chasing"-testosterone powered male (lol...shame on them). Well, you can jus' ask if you want to know more. I'll give you a chance if you give me a chance.

I enjoy it when (a) women can/will be energetic. Looks aren't everything (I know that one for sure, I'm not the best looking guy out there). Personality is what will keep me interested. I enjoy being able to have a nice long conversation. I also enjoy humor, if a girl can/will be funny then it makes them much more fun to 'ave around. O, are you intelligent? Intelligent women are very enticing... Smart is sexy.

I think that's what would be what sums it up: someone fun to 'ave fun with. To able to go out to Clubs/Bars and such is a BIG plus!

O yeah, extra points for being a girl-gamer (Rare). Although, you'll get the most points ever for not being crazy. There, I said it.

Go ahead and write me/IM me if you'd like to talk/chat <3

RANDOM TANGENT ALERT! 'Ave you ever watched Disney's "The Sword in the Stone" ??? Do you remember the female squirrel that Arthur ran into? OMG, she was UBER cute! O, if I could only find a girl for me that was like that... No, the PERSONALITY... not a SQUIRREL! (It jus' dawned upon me that I wrote a WHOLE LOT! Holy crap!... Sorry!!!)

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